A rough alpha version made and submitted for Greenlight Jam. Read the scoring description below to try and maximize your score.


  • Mouse controls recommended
  • Keybaord and gamepad controls available.


  • Be sure to enter a name on the game over screen to save your score


  • 2:00 minutes to find a path through the maze and get a highscore.  
  • Travel between hex cells with the same color or shape.  
    • Color is also associated with a shape 'style' to accomodate color blindness.
  • The faster you go the longer your tail gets and the larger the multiplier pickups become.
  • Don't wait too long or your tail will catch you.  
  • Avoid dead ends.


  • Each move is worth a point
  • Each time you move very quickly you get 2X points
    • Consecutive quick moves begin a Quick Streak
  • Quick Streaks will increase the multiplier during the streak
    • 2X for first two moves
    • 3X for next three moves
    • 6X for next six moves
    • 12X for the 12th quick move
    • Then the streak starts over

Advanced Scoring:

  • As the tail chases it drops multi pickups
    • These multi pickups are permanent and add to eachother
    • This will permenantly multiply you move score
    • Once dropped, the multipliers will dissapear after a time
      • Be quick an collect them before they vanish
    • The size of the multiplier is based on the hex cell tier
  • Hex Cells have tiers
    • The tier is increased everytime you Quick move into a cell
    • The tier is reset if entered by a non Quick Move
    • You can increase the cell tier up to six times
    • The cell tier also slows down the tail speed very slightly
  • The 12th move in a quick streak will multiply a multi pick up 
    • If you manage to land this it will generate huge scores

Possible Strategy:

  • Spend the first 30 seconds of a run trying to build up a decent permanent multiplier
  • Then focus on Quick Moves and Quick Streaks for the rest of the time


  • Bad starts. Immediate dead ends or very limited paths.
  • Music can stop playing
  • Can get a 'Eaten By Tail' Game over even though tail was not close

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